We're on the hunt for a Lead iOS engineer for Ping!

What's this job then?

Glad you asked! You’ll be leading and owning the technology for Ping, and trusted to make fundamental platform decisions, and leave your mark on the product as it grows. You’ll play your part in shaping the vision for Ping, and the broader vision for Wurqs. You will have the flexibility and remit to learn and grow on the job, and contribute to the business in ways beyond your remit.

What would be the first big problem to solve?

That’s a great question. Right now users love the Ping product due to it’s simplicity. That said, we have plenty of plans to evolve the product, and need to do so in a way that doesn’t compromise that simplicity. In this light we don’t need someone to come in and just build. We want an exceptional product thinker who can see big picture as well as feature to feature, who will challenge our ideas and the rest of the team to ensure we ship only the most thoughtful product.

How might you describe the person you're looking for?

We hire with ‘people over talent’ in mind, so although we don’t like to be too prescriptive, we’re looking for someone:

  • Looking for a big step up in their career, and a new opportunity to grow
  • Who doesn't fit into a box. You are a proud of the diversity of your skills.
  • Who is a natural collaborator, and thrive in a collaborative environment.
  • Honest, transparent and candid.
  • Deeply passionate about development, design and data, and how the three work together.
  • Who loves to work with others, and who others love to work with.
  • Open to feedback from your team to benefit personal/project development and learning.

Do you want someone with specific technical skills?

Right now, our iOS product is built in Swift, with Node.js running Mongoose on a MongoDB instance, but we don’t expect someone to come onboard and have all of these skills. We do want someone however who wants to learn and grow, so a desire to learn these or other technologies is a significant advantage.

And what about benefits?

You mean other than working for one of the most exciting young companies in London? Well, other than a seriously competitive salary, flexible working hours/location and a budget for events/personal development, you’ll also be provisioned with a significant ownership stake in the company.

Anything else I need to know?

If for whatever reason you’ve got to this point and not sure if you’re ready, or maybe think you’re not good enough, then we strongly encourage you to apply. We’re looking for people with humility - this probably means you’re a good human who just needs to be surrounded by a great team that will cheer you on and support you. That’s us :)


Drop us an email at team@wurqs.com and we can go from there!