As well as having a clear utility, each of our products is designed to be an opportunity for personal growth. So, how does Ping make you better at you?

  • Vulnerability - Populating 'Things I'd like to learn about' shows you're prepared to show your new contact that there are gaps in your knowledge, and that you want to fill them. This is an easy way to show the people you meet you're human! Want to learn more about the power of vulnerability? You should watch this wonderful TED talk by Brené Brown.
  • Generosity - Sharing 'Ways in which I can be helpful' is a declaration of your desire to be helpful to the people you meet, without expecting anything in return. Not only does helping someone make them feel good, it makes you feel good too! Did you know our desire to help is part of our biology as humans? You should read this by Sam Kean about the biological routes of philanthropy

We believe this combination will help make the best impression possible on your new friend, and we hope they inspire new connections and conversations that otherwise might not have arisen!